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FEED Your Skin

With so many products and treatments on the market it can be hard to know what is ‘best’ for your skin. Especially with such clever marketing adapted by many big brands.

Here at The Skin Cellar we believe in keeping it simple and simply enhancing how our body and skin is naturally supposed to work by feeding it exactly what it needs.

Our skin is the largest organ of the body, it is designed to maintain itself. It uses fibroblasts (think of these as factories) to produce new skin cells and also collagen (what gives your skin that plumpness). It also uses sebaceous glands to secrete just enough oils to keep our skin hydrated. Melanocytes create melanin to protect our skin from the sun. Now in a perfect world, we wouldn’t need to do anything to our skin, it would work by itself. But, we are not in a perfect world and your skin needs a little helping hand. As we age our fibroblasts (factories) slow down, it doesn’t produce new skin cells or collagen quick enough. Resulting in dull, aged skin and lines and wrinkles. Factors such as pollution, the wind and cold, UV rays from the sun, radiation from technology, makeup and even cosmetic skincare products bought off the shelf in a chemist. All of these things also cause damage to our skin and throw it off balance. Whether it is speeding up ageing, causing pigmentation or redness, causing excessive dryness and increasing the amount of oil we produce. All of this leads to the skin concerns so many of us have.

There is so much conflicting advice everywhere. For example clever marketing and television ads would tell us we need to strip all of that excess oil off our skin with a toner and apply a thick heavy moisturiser at night to combat dryness (which by the way is pointless, you don’t want your moisturiser to sit on the surface in a greasy slick, you want it absorb quickly deep down in the skin where its supposed to work right?). Some brands insist we only need one ingredient (normally Vitamin A which has become a buzz word in the skincare world) in every skincare product to cure our skin woahs but we’ll save that debate for another day.

In reality, what we need to do is simply FEED our skin the necessary ingredients (there is more than one! Just like you need a varied diet your skin also needs a variety!) to work as best it possibly can. Logically, and scientifically, it makes sense right? Your skin is a collection of cells that need ‘food’ to generate energy to continue to work hard.


So where do we come into all of this?

That is what we do here at The Skin Cellar. When you first visit for a consultation we do not overload you with 6 or 7 unnecessary products that you will layer on to make your skin feel nice and soft without actually changing the structure and function of the skin below, we simply give you 3 products needed to feed your skin and encourage your skin to function as it should. Over time once your skin has become adjusted to medical grade products we can gradually add in various products to target specific concerns but for general overall skin health and due to the strength of the products around 3-4 is all that is needed to begin with.

The reason we chose AlumierMD is the products contain everything your skin needs in the perfect therapeutic dosage. This means only ONE pump of product is needed. Everything you need is in that one pump. Clients always look shocked or confused when we tell them one pump as they are so used to lashing products on. But if you were ingesting Vitamin C tablets and the box said take one daily, you wouldn’t take 4 as everything you need is in that one tablet. The same applies to skincare. If you invest in high quality, medical grade skincare that focuses on therapeutic dosage you do not need to overuse or waste product.

Our Skin supplement Skinade contains Marine Collagen Peptides, this part is important. You are not ingesting collagen. Peptides are a little bit different. What the Collagen Peptides do is stimulate your body to create its own collagen. Think of the ‘Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.’ The collagen peptides are helping your body produce its own collagen. It also contains essential vitamins needed daily for skin hydration and balance.

So where does treatments come into it? Well professional treatments work similarly to home care products, they stimulate and encourage your skin to work faster and better. Microneedling, Peels and DMK Enzyme Therapy are a great example of this. Every single treatment and product offered here at The Skin Cellar is researched extensively for scientific evidence and also tried and tested by us first.

If you’ve gotten this far give yourself a pat on the back you’ve just graduated Skin 101.