Pinks Boutique @theskincellar

Why Pinks Boutique?

Our Clients were asking for recommendations on skincare for the body. We were delighted with our facial ranges . Alumier which is Medical Grade and DMK which is Paramedical skincare but we didn’t have anything for the body. We also realised that clients loved the facial results they were getting by winding back the years but they missed the pampering and the aromatherapy of spa products So we divided our treatment menu into Results and Relax treatments.. We therefore searched for a body range that would meet with the standard that we wanted to provide and we also introduced some treatments to allow our clients to maintain only medical grade skin grade to their face but also gave them some relaxation and mindfulness during a treatment.

The brand was founded by Kirstie Sheriff a Historian originally and her husband Luke Sheriff a Human Scientist. They founded Pink Boutique to bring 100% Organic, high quality products to the spa industry. The ethos was to create products from soil to bottle, they do not contain Petrochemicals, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, GM ingredients, Animal derived ingredients, Sodium Lauryl Sulphates, Parabend, TEA, DEA or MEA, No PEG;s or Propylene Glycol and no animal testing. They also had soil accreditation so the ethos sounded positive and the added bonus of being animal friendly and Vegan was moving in the direction of peoples lifestyle choices. However we needed to test them first, we ordered the foot range as I had experienced several brands in the industry for Nailbou I thought if they can do better than what we already have it would be a great body care brand to have @theskincellar.


When the samples arrived I was sceptical as to the results they would be able to provide. In a results driven industry I did think that these products might smell great but not deliver in terms of skincare. Thankfully I was wrong! I had never tested a foot range that had delivered such soft and supple skin that continued to give results several days following treatment . Without all the added bulking agents normally found in spa products these products were very potent and this gave results. Needless to say we spent days smelling them as the aromatherapy of the ingredients were amazing.

We ordered the body ranges and they also delivered and started introducing treatments into the salon that would give our clients some relaxation and downtime with products that were supplying world class spa such as John Lewis and eco scarlet spa. Shortly after introducing them to the clinic the Covid-19 pandemic meant that we had to temporarily close. We were faced with how to adapt the business.


We realised we had to take the business on line so we now have our facial skincare available for deliveries, On-line consultations are now online, but we wanted to introduce Pinks Boutique. We developed ‘Hamper Hugs’ when gifting loved ones it is very difficult at a time when shopping for non-essentials is not allowed it was a way of delivering a pamper hug to loved ones as a birthday gift, a thank you or simply to lift someones mind set during self isolation. The hamper hugs can be created by adding any of the pinks boutique products to the on-line basket or choosing one of our pre-made pamper hugs from our gift ideas. The good news is that the products are amazing and provide a real treat to loved ones. We are also giving away a few of these hamper hugs away on our social media platforms to front line workers over the coming weeks.

You can order your Hamper Hugs on line Here –  HAMPER HUGS