Chemical Peels

Up to 90 in skin slot – €140

At The Skin Cellar we prefer a custom approach as opposed to a one fits all approach. This is why we offer a variety of different types of peels. Rather than a potential client sitting staring at a full menu of peels not sure where to start or what to book we always encourage a Skin Chat appointment first so your therapist can discuss your concerns and incorporate your lifestyle and budget into your treatment.

We offer treatments from world renowned brands such as AlumierMD, DMK and Ultraceuticals to deliver the best results possible while maintaining skin health.

The words ‘Chemical Peel’ is enough to panic even the most skin savy client, we get it, it sounds scary. Images of the famous scene in Sex and the City where Samantha gets a chemical peel may flash before your eyes but forget that bright, shiny, painful looking tomato hue because science in skincare has advanced a lot since then. Chemical is merely a word to describe substances used in Chemistry. Don’t forget water is also a chemical.

Nowadays, Peels have been developed to give progressive not aggressive results. Think of a Chemical Peel as a really good exfoliation. It will remove any dead skin from the surface to allow the other ingredients in the peel to penetrate deep within the skin to treat specific skin concerns. There is usually little to no downtime/side effects. Mostly some dryness or flaking in the days following. Some peels may leave you slightly flushed immediately after, some do not.