Our Team


Clinic Owner

With a degree in Biological Science and a Post graduate in Science Education this background has been a great advantage in bringing the latest result driven treatments and brands to The Skin Cellar that are based on scientific evidence. Natalie is also a qualified Beauty Therapist and has also qualified in Advanced Skincare, Laser and IPL, Fibroblast Plasma Pen and is a DMK Paramedical Practitioner and an AlumierMD Advanced Skin Therapist.


Clinic Manager

Katie is a fully qualified Beauty Therapist. She has advanced training in chemical peels, Advanced Skin Treatments and SHR Pain Free Laser Hair Removal. Katie is also an DMK skin revision therapist, AlumierMD, Ultraceuticals, Juliette Armand and Storyderm Advanced Skin Therapist and a HydrafacialMD Specialist. Katie is our hair removal specialist specialising in hybrid hair removal treatment plans using a combination of SHR laser and the latest electrolysis technology with the advanced Eclipsia +.

Katie has been a valuable staff member since joining us and receives 5 star reviews from her client base on a daily basis.


Advanced Senior Skin Therapist

Gillian is a fully qualified Skin Therapist. She has advanced training in chemical peels, Advanced Skin Treatments and SHR Pain Free Laser Hair Removal. Gillian has been working in the industry for over 16 years and has experience in some of the best advanced skin clinics in Dublin. Gillian has worked with the leading brands in the industry and  is  a Medik8,  AlumierMD, Ultraceuticals, Juliette Armand Advanced Skin Therapist and a HydrafacialMD Specialist.

Gillian has worked for the last few years in advanced skin clinic for a dental practice in Dublin and we look forward to her becoming part of our team @theskincellar..

Our Journey

We specialise in advance skin treatments that are the latest techniques used in anti-ageing treatments and problematic skin. Our therapists are trained in advance skincare to level 4 and above. Our treatments range from Fibroblast/plasma pen skin tightening, prescriptive facials, chemical peels, medical Micro Needling, LED Phototherapy and the popular CACI Non-Surgical Lifting Facial. We have researched and chosen specific treatments that are results driven and target the main key areas of clients concerns.

With a background in science, a Bsc Degree in Biological Science and a Post Graduate in Science Education, I found the Beauty Industry an area that was flooded with magic solutions, lacked scientific evidence and promised the world with little results. In recent years the format of the traditional beauty salon has evolved to bring about the creation of specialised advanced skin clinics. This has provided treatments and technological advancements, that originated in the medical field, into the beauty industry to provide us with treatments and skincare that are now results driven and supported by published scientific research. I didn’t want to lie in a dark room listening to spa music while several luxury creams were massaged into my face. I wanted skincare that would slow down the age process that was slowly creeping in, that would provide a visual change that I could see and would continue to see over time.
Many people suffer with an array of skin concerns e.g. Rosacea, Acne and Hyper Pigmentation. A lot of money and time can be wasted with very little significant change on products and treatments that don’t work. Having trained as a Level 3 Therapist, Level 4 laser and IPL and Level 4 Fibroblast Skin tightening technology and also level 4 Advanced Skincare in line with a background and degree in science it has given me a different perspective of the traditional model of the beauty industry. The journey through the world of the beauty industry has been an amazing one and continues to grow. We now have answers, explanations and solutions for most skin concerns.
Having opened The Nail Boutique in 2015 the range of treatments we offered started to grow all based on a core philosophy of providing a high standard of hygiene, quality, longevity and consistency. Researching the latest treatments and testing results is a dream job!
The Skin Cellar is based on the principal that it provides treatments and brands that work, based on published scientific evidence and addresses the skin concerns of modern life. We therefore provide key advanced treatments and award winning brands. More importantly we train to UK standards as the industry is non-regulated in Ireland. With an ever growing beauty industry and without regulation this is key to ensuring our clients are provided with a professional and effective treatment.

Our therapists are available for a free consultation to address your skin concerns and recommend the best treatments to achieve your desired results. We hope to see you soon to help you start your skin journey!


Customer Care

At The Skin Cellar we pride ourselves with the high level of customer care that we provide. Often a client’s first visit can be the first time that they have ever had an advanced treatment.

A consultation is the starting point on the road to improved skin. It is important that all aspects of the treatments are discussed so that expectations and outcomes can be achieved , pre and post care, medical history, skin concerns and skincare regime. This is all done in a consultation prior to treatment.

The consultation is 60 euro but is redeemable against any treatment.

During the treatment each stage is discussed with the client and the expected sensations on the skin are explained prior to application so that every client is made to feel assured that all sensations are perfectly normal.

A thorough aftercare advice protocol is given to every client and for those clients who are apprehensive about downtime a Whatsapp aftercare number is provided for the days following treatment. This allows clients to send pictures of themselves in the days following treatment so that assurance and advice can be fed back to them to make the process easy and ensure optimum results. This service is available 24 hours 7 days a week.