Alumier MD

 AlumierMD is a medical grade skin care range that provides phenomenal results.

This is currently the fastest growing advanced skincare range in Ireland.
AlumierMD was born out of an understanding that everyone wants clear, beautiful skin. With over 100 years of combined skin care experience, AlumierMD’s biochemists, physicians and skin care experts create science-backed products in luxurious formulations that work to reveal more radiant and luminous skin.

Through advanced proprietary chemistry, AlumierMD has optimised the bio availability of each molecule in the ingredients they use. As a result the scientific formulations deliver exceptional results that can only be achieved with a medical grade brand.

The professional treatments involve various exfoliators, peels and masks. Each treatment is tailored to the individual client and their skin on the day. At The Skin Cellar we believe in assessing your skin before every treatment and discussing your progress following any downtime so we can achieve optimum results for our clients. This means your skincare specialist will use different products each time you visit to ensure optimal results.

Alumier MD Introduction Video

AlumierMD: Glow Peel on RTE Today


AlumierMD Custom Peel €140 | Course of 4 €500

If you are looking for a solution for a skin concern such as hyperpigmentation, rosacea, acne or anti-ageing this tailored service provides outstanding results. From superficial to medium depth peels we provide a tailored service each visit combining exfoliators, peels and masks. Your skin therapist will tailor your treatment to suit your skins condition on the day. Each visit comes with a complimentary homecare kit for taking care of your skin over the days following treatment.

AlumierMD Facial €90

A 45 minute AlumierMD treatment using a combination of exfoliators and masks to treat every skin concern without the use of a chemical peel. This is a fantastic treatment for those who are looking for a once off facial or those who have an event in the following days and do not want any downtime at all from their treatment. Each treatment is bespoke and customised to each clients skin.