What do I book?

First time visiting or just wanting to book a skin treatment? Unsure of what to book or where to start?  If its your first visit we advise starting with a ‘Skin Chat’

If you want to book treatment we have divided all our treatments into 2 categories

 €90 ’60 min skin slot’

and the

 €140 ‘Up to 90 mins skin slot’.

 These are divided into two price categories and allow your skin therapist to use their expertise and knowledge to best treat your skin.

You can book a skin chat and a skin slot together however please be mindful that we cannot always promise that we will carry out the treatment. If your skin is not ready for in clinic treatments or you have a contraindication on your consultation form the treatment will not be carried out and you will not be charged for the skin slot. If a different price treatment is advised on the day your skin therapist will provide you with the information and the price difference and the price agreed will be charged at the end of your treatment.

What do I book?

Skin Chat – €60

This is essentially our skin consultation but often clients find this intimidating. At The Skin Cellar we work with all skin concerns, all lifestyle choices and all budgets to bring skincare and skin treatments to everyone. With over 6 brands we are driven by science and the understanding of ingredients  not brand driven sales. You will also get an opportunity to try before you buy with samples at home.


60 mins skin slot – €90

If this is your first time venturing into the world of advanced skincare from traditional beauty treatments then this is the treatment for you. In this skin slot your therapist will provide a prescriptive treatment bespoke to your skin concerns with no downtime. This means you can walk out of the clinic without worrying about the downtime. It is a great place to start, it is result driven and allows your skin therapist to analyse and get to know how your skin behaves and best advise you of a way forward. Advanced products are used in this treatment.


Up to 90 Mins skin slot €140

This is for all our advance treatments , there could be downtime but it is result focused and your therapist will discuss all the outcomes with you prior to treatment. This skin slot is allocated by price not time so it can take between 60-90 mins and allows us as therapist enough time to treat all different skin concerns . This skin slot includes options from our  DMK treatments, Ultraceutical treatments, Skin peels, HydrafacialMD, Storyderm and much more. If the solution for your concern is microneedling or any of our other higher priced treatments or if it is CACI which is cheaper this will be discussed with you in treatment and the price will be adjusted on payment.

Please ensure to complete your consultation form prior to visit so that we can make sure you will be able to have the treatment on the day.