How important is drinking water for skin hydration?

Drinking water and staying hydrated has clinically be shown to have a positive effect.
 Drinking water increases the skin's 
However it is not the complete answer .

The surface of our skin is made up of a lipid barrier,
this barrier was developed as an essential part of evolution of life from sea to land,
providing us among other things with a natural protective barrier. 
This lipid barrier acts as the skin's natural moisture. 
It also acts as a barrier to prevent a loss of  water from the skin's surface. 
Think of it as a very good hi-tech raincoat.

This barrier is made up of Ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol. 
As we age (here's the usual bad news!) the amount of Ceramides in the skin's barrier decreases. This causes dry skin leading to fine lines and wrinkles as there is a loss of suppleness but this can also lead to cracks in this protective barrier.
This results in the barrier breakdown leading to an increase loss of  water from the skin.

Therefore, yes drinking water will result in increased hydration
 but unless you have a healthy skin barrier you could be loosing the water 
from the skin's surface as quick as you are are trying to replenish it.

The answer - Ensure you have skincare that contains Ceramides and fatty acids
 to help repair or maintain a healthy skin barrier. 
Keeping that raincoat well zipped!. 
Increasing water intake also along with a healthy skin barrier will keep your skin plumped, moisturised and slow down those pesky lines and wrinkles for just that little bit longer.

There is some research into the type of Ceramides that contribute to a healthy skin barrier
in terms of their length, therefore a good quality skincare is essential
 to make sure you get the value and the quality of the result required.

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