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How to Boost your Immune system this winter!

As the weather changes and we approach winter we also start into cold and Flu season. This winter is probably more relevant than any other year as we also fight a global pandemic with COVID-19. There has been some research that shows the promising effects of Vitamin D on our immune system.

Early research shows that Vitamin D has an effect on out T-cells .The T-cell is a type of Lymphocyte which i develops in the Thymus glans and plays a key role in immune response. Vitamin D is shown to to effect the T-cell by making them ‘primed’ in other words ‘ready’ or ‘prepared’  to respond to antigens and therefore provide a better immune response.





Vitamin D

Vitamin D has always been known as the sunshine vitamin because it is produced in your skin in response to sunshine. You can also get Vitamin D from certain foods, it is a fat-soluble vitamin and with our climate a deficiency in Vitamin D can have implications on over all well being, deficiency in Vitamin D can contribute to depression and anxiety , soft bones and brittle bones.


How to take your Vitamin D

Skinade targeted solutions have developed DERMA DEFENSE Contains Vitamin A and Vitamin D. Derma Defense provides 3000iu of drinkable retinol and 3000iu of drinkable Vitamin D.

Traditional skincare products function on the surface of the skin and in a localised area, Skinned Derma defence liquid formulation promotes high absorption and bioavailability for optimal results. As the product works from the inside, it supports the skin all over your body not just the face.

Developed by leading UK scientists and manufactured in the UK, our formulation contains key high-grade micronutrients.It contains fewer than 13 calories per sachet and is flavoured with the juice of real mango and the natural flavour of coconut. Using daily derma defence  protects and rejuvenates your skin and results in more even, smoother and more hydrated skin.

Vitamin A covers countless functions in our body: it strengthens and maintains the skin, hair and mucous membranes and stimulates normal skin cell renewal and elasticity.

Vitamin A has an anti-ageing function thanks to its antioxidant power that fights free radicals, reducing and preventing the signs of skin aging. Calcium, vitamin D3 and vitamin A synergistically perform important functions regulating the process of skin differentiation. Skin pigmentation is often attributed to a deficiency in vitamin A.



Not just Vitamin D

By adding Skinade Derma defence to your daily skincare regime you can increase your absorption of Vitamin D going into winter months and also gain the benefits of Vitamin D and A on your skin. Skin can also get dehydrated in winter as we start to up the central heating and stay indoors for longer period of times as well as reduced daylight hours affecting our mood and activities. €55 for 30 days supply makes it a great addition to your monthly skincare regime while having added health benefits. 90 day supply is recommended.


Special offer

We currently have all the skinade products available on our website with free delivery straight to your door. I couldn’t be easier in these uncertain times to boost you immune system and improve skin health.

Stay safe x


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