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How to boost your skincare at home!

As the clinic is closed and we cannot keep everyone on their regular treatments and courses, the questions have been coming in from our clients as to how they can treat their skin at home. Now first thing to say is that this is a stressful time for everyone and being locked in with a combination of stress and central heating will disrupt the skin to varying degrees. However for all our Alumier and DMK clients know that you are all already on the best active medical grade skin ingredients. So first and foremost stick to your routine which can easily slide during this time.

We want to make sure the investments that you have made with us continues, therefore you can still order your products with us and they will be posted out to you the same working day with NO delivery charge.

Alumier Skincare products.

  1. If you are on Alumier make sure that you have the peptides which can be found in the serums and moisturisers and now is the time to add Retinol.
  2. If you are on Retinol upgrade at the end of this product to a higher percentage. If you are still applying your 0.5% or 0.25% 2 nights a week move up to three nights a week.
  3. If you are at the stage where you are on the 1% retinol try adding in our AHA Serum this combined with the retinol is a fabulous overnight exfoliant treatment and the skin looks refreshed and glowing come the morning.
  4. We also have Bright and clear which is used like a toner but is an exfoliant and is a great addition to your skincare regime but we would advise each client how to use it as each skin type would require a different frequency of use. It is also great for that odd stress breakout!
  5. We also have an enzymatic peel which is a strong exfoliant and we will advise you how to use this, its a great exfoliant and refreshes the skin.
  6. You can combine the enzymatic peel treatment by doing this at night and then applying the recovery balm overnight . This in essence is mirroring in part a salon treatment with a medical grade exfoliant and a rich moisture overnight layer to the skin.
  7. For those client missing out on their micro needling treatments, adding Skinade is the equivalent, as with microneedling it is collagen inducing and not only will it get your body producing collagen but it contains Vit C, Omega oils and Lyseine which will boost immune, energy and mood.

The most important advice is maintain your skins PH level. For all our regular clients who have undertaken treatments and seen a vast improvement in their skin now is NOT the time to add different ingredients or decide to make a homecare mask from the contents of your fridge!. By keeping going with your current products you will maintain the PH level , keep feeding the healthiest diet to your skin and maintain those results. The odd blip might happen due to stress and your external environment. Open those windows and doors, get a bowl of water on those radiators overnight and if you do have the odd breakout use a little bit more of your bright and clear.


We are here, you can get in touch via email [email protected]. For all our clients please just ask away we want to look after you so that you can return and continue the great journey you have started with us. For new clients you can complete our on-line skin consultations at and start your journey to better skin with us. All orders are taken on our website form or just email us and we will get in touch.

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Most importantly stay safe , stay well and hopefully we can return and see everyone soon x