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Skin Science -Mr. Versatile (Vitamin B3)

Skin Science

Skin Products are everywhere and make miracle claims in terms of results. However do we really know what the ingredients in skincare really do?. Here at The Skin Cellar we focus on Skin Science to help you achieve the results you have always wanted it also enables you to make informed choices on the real facts so you can get the skin care that makes a difference. Every week we will be using our Skin Science page to bring you all the latest ingredients that are leading the industry in skin care and medical skin products .



Vitamin B3 or Niacin is a water soluble vitamin. It is present in two forms but found in cosmetic skin care as  Niacinamide but  is also called Nicotinamide.



Super power

Treats Rosacea, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and Acne prone skin, Strengthens and detoxifies skin. Reduces enlarged pores, evens skin tone, reduces dullness by brightening skin, reduces environmental damage, soothes redness, normalises skin function.

The Science

Niacin and therefore Niacinamide works to benefit the skin as it is a pre-cursor to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate ( NADP+/NADH AND NADP+)

These compounds play a central role in  repairing damage, propagating and maintaining normal skin function.

In other words if we provide the skin with Niacin in the form of Niacinamide it will initiate the body to produce more NADP+/NADH and NADP+ which will increase skin repair and normal skin function.

When we initiate the body to produce the key ingredients for itself the result is more sustainable and the ingredient is recognised as part of the skin’s biochemistry and therefore more compatible.

Niacin plays a key role in skin repair as it counteracts free radicals by providing the extra electron to the free radical to stabilise it and reduce oxidative stress and ageing.

Niacin also Increases Ceramides and free fatty acids in the skin which are key components of its protective lipid barrier. Along with keeping moisture and boosting hydration, it also brightens skin, calms redness and increases tolerance to topical retinoids.

Products that contain Niacin


Skinade anti ageing

Skinade Cellulite

Skinade Clear.


Sensicalm cleanser,

Ultimate Boost serum,

Acne balancing serum,

Even tone brightening serum

Intellibright complex,

Alumin eye,

Retinol eye gel

Hydra Dew,

Hydra Calm,

Clear Shield SPF.




Yes Niacin does all this, its the staple and versatile ingredient required by skin to function normally and remember even when a product says it contains an ingredient the key factor is that it contains the required therapeutic dose of that ingredient so that it can change structure and function of skin!

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