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Microneedling – Our Most Popular Treatment

In 1995 it was Dr. Michel Pistor who came up with the concept that pricking the skin would promote collagen formation. This followed a chain of research to the development of the roller micro needling and later in 2007 when the first micro-needling pen was launched.

In 2007 this started the comparison of the argument of a dermal roller vs a pen device. We believe the SkinPen has safely put this argument to rest! With 14 needles and 7000rpm the SkinPen delivers 98,000 channels per minute. This precise and effective technique has given the SkinPen the reputation as the best on the market and the safest as it is the only FDA approved micro needling device available.

So how does it work?

When we look at a cross section of young skin vs old skin we can see a vast difference in the collagen fibres and the cross linkage of these fibres that give the skin its strength and thickness. In old skin we see a thinning of the epidermis and flattening of the dermal epidermal junction. This is caused by a depletion in collagen that begins in our early 20’s!

However with the use of SkinPen the micro channels created during micro needling initiate what’s called an ‘inflammatory response’. This sets in motion several stages in which the skin will repair the controlled trauma initiated and in turn increase collagen production softening fine lines and wrinkles, tightening the skin and providing an even tone.

The phases of repair and collagen production

Phase 1
During the first injury and inflammation there is a release of growth factors and also neutrophils and macrophages. This causes a secretion of antibacterial chemicals, a removal of foreign particles and necrotic debris and it also initiates angiogenesis and the granulation process.

Phase 2
Following phase 1 , phase 2 is initiated as the fibroblasts proliferate to try and heal the site of trauma, they release growth factors, glycoproteins and collagen. Epidermal cells migrate to the wound, granulation tissue forms, capillaries form and the fibroblasts continue to proliferate.

Phase 3
In the weeks and months after the procedure the fibroblasts start to replace the initial collagen that was produced in phase 2 (collagen type 3) with a denser and stronger cross linked type of collagen (collagen type 1). During this remodelling of the skin the contraction of the injury site occurs providing a skin tightening effect and amazingly the remodelling continues for up to one year.

Micro needling initiates the body’s own bio mechanisms to allow the increased production of collagen that remodels the foundation of our ageing skin to bring back the youthfulness lost with time. We have found the results fast, effective and astonishing. We do offer cooling masks following treatments to help with redness post treatment but as you can read from the phases of the inflammatory process that we are trying to initiate, inflammation creates a positive response in terms of collagen production so we would encourage clients to allow the process to develop and leave untouched for 24 hours post treatment. We provide aftercare following the initial 24 hour post treatment.

At The Skin Cellar we guide you through your first treatment and aftercare and are always available to help with any concerns post treatment. As you can see from our results our clients are delighted.

A course of 6 is recommended however we do offer a course of three for €440.