Skin Advice


When choosing which brands to work with it was a difficult task. With many brands available on the market today the task of researching them became a challenge. The brand would have to have clinical papers to support they’re claims, they would have to have evidence of real results from real patients, they would have to have the latest ingredients and technology available and have good ethical policies. When I came across AllumierMD which ticked all the boxes it was this picture and case study that convinced me.

Rosacea is a problem that affects many in this country, Many companies do not often target this concern as it is not a problem that affects a large majority globally.

What causes Rosacea?
1. The breakdown of a persons hydrolipidic barrier caused by extreme conditions or poor product use, resulting in trans epidermal water loss which leads to sensitivity, dehydration and redness.
2. Free radical damage – Pollutants and ultraviolet radiation produces free radicals causing the skin to weaken and become dull.
3. The Demodex mite and bacteria can aggravate rosacea and sensitive skin.

How do we treat it?
1. Key ingredients in Allumier MD products – Hinokitiol which is anti- microbial and targets the entire cell therefore limits the bacteria from developing a resistance to the product.
2. Vitamin C – Anti-oxidant for protection against free radicals and strengthen capillary walls.
3. Zinc Oxide – Physical UVA/UVB protection
4. Sea Whip – Ant inflammatory and calming.

Our Rosacea products are prescribed for homecare and this is followed by a treatment plan of AllumierMD treatments. As you can see from the severity of the case study below results are not only possible but are amazing. We cater for all degrees of rosacea and all budgets. Using the Calm-R serum alone will start the road to clear skin.