Skin Chat

Interested in changing your skin? Preventing ageing or treating a skin concern? We’re here to help!

What is a 'Skin Chat'?

A ‘Skin Chat’ is essentially a Skin Consultation but we feel the word Consultation can be very intimidating for most people. You don’t want to be sat down, told what you are doing wrong and be sold numerous products and treatments with the expectation to commit to paying for a whole new skincare regime and treatment plan. That’s not how we work. Our job is to discuss what YOU would like to change about your skin and help give you information on possible reasons why your skin could be reacting the way it is and give you the advice and guidance you require towards many possible solutions.

During your Skin Consultation your Skin Coach will ask you questions about your skin concerns and explain how your skin concerns are caused and what we can do to help. We focus a lot on education during our Skin Chats as we feel its important for you as the client to understand WHY we are recommending particular ingredients and products as opposed to just handing you a list of products without you knowing why you are using it.

We are not a brand led clinic, we stock a wide variety of brands and solutions to suit all skin concerns and more importantly all budgets. Your Skin Coach as we like to call them, will give you some options that fit your lifestyle and budget and send you home armed with information and samples of products that were recommended to you. There is absolutely no expectation to purchase anything on the day. Of course if you are happy with the advice given and are excited to get started we are more than happy to get you started on your skin journey but please don’t worry about feeling pressured.

When you become a client you will be given access to a WhatsApp number to message your Skin Coach at any time throughout your journey with us should you have a question or query. Our hope is that you walk out of your appointment feeling confident in the knowledge that we are here to guide you and assist you to get you the best results possible.